Pens and pencils gravering

It could be great adversing stuff, stylish present or souvernir from events. As opposed to overprint, gravering attribute is that it's much more lasting, you can say ''immortal''. In our offer we have large coloristic scale to choose. But right here and now we have only some sample elementary colors: graphite, green, dark red and blue. The pens are from metal, which makes them durable. If you are interested in other colors, please contact us. Due to many types and designes of pens, we choose the most popular pens and these we use to gravering.

For your convenience, we have adopted two engraving areas 110 mm x 6 mm i 70 mm x 9 mm. The prices presented below include the so-called "instrument". It's adaptation of the laser to the rotary mode, hence such a high price at low costs.

Negotiations starts with bigger orders.